DASCLab: Mixed Reality Extensions for Space Tech Procedures

Goal of our AIT (Assembly, Integration, Testing) use case is to develop a Mixed Reality (MR) application for holographic support of advanced space technology procedures in a cooperation between the South Holland and Bremen clusters.

The XR application forms the technology and data basis for the efficient use of high-resolution mixed reality glasses 1) in the AIT Clean Room, 2) for location-independent AIT meetings and 3) remote monitoring, testing or training. Productive communication at a distance is promoted, and the risk of infection, travel and environmental pollution will be reduced.

CAD Handling: CAD files cannot directly be used for visualization in other media. Conversion is reqired.

The application shall make efficient use of high-resolution mixed reality glasses for cleanroom work and off-site AIT meetings. It will allow remote monitoring, testing, or training with communication at a distance. The mixed reality application 1) takes and processes data from CAD, ERP and PM interfaces and visualizes them with mixed reality data glasses of the latest generation three-dimensionally, interactively and holographically fitting into the real space of the users. The application integrates 2) three-dimensionally visualized data, status values and objects into the physical reality from AIT components and systems in the Clean Room.

The activities of the AIT Use Case in the context of the DASCLab project

Based on the collaboration platform DASCLab, the project will consider and develop a first use case with the Bremen partners and implement it as a demonstrator. The project will run until December 2021.