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GAIA-X is an European initiative supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Research (BMBF) as part of the Federal AI Strategy and aims to establish an European cloud alliance. A trustworthy infrastructure intends to promote innovation and economic competitiveness, as well as European sovereignty and the availability of data from citizens, businesses, science and research.

With the participation of the Institute for Space Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR RY), the Bremen aeronautics and space actors have registered the GAIA-X use case “Digital Aeronautics and Space Collaboration Labs” (DASCLab) within the domain Industry 4.0/SMEs”. In the future, the partners hope to network with other use cases and European GAIA-X hubs and centres.

DASCLab Vision: Building a Collaboration Platform for the Aeronautics and Space Industry

GAIA-X is a prestige project of BMWi and BMBF as part of the federal AI strategy. With BREMEN. AI, the Bremen strategy Artificial Intelligence” and the project Building a Bremen AI Transfer Center” Bremen is currently positioning itself as an important AI location. The new AI transfer center will significantly support the planned AI activities of the GAIA-X aeronautics and space requirements.

The registration of this GAIA-X use case ensures collaboration opportunities for SMEs, startups and research institutions at regional, national and international level. In the future, a European cloud will be available to Bremen players and their collaborators. This can be expanded in line with the growing number of complex requirements. Efficient, joint processing of aeronautics and space projects can be expected and thus the growth of this industry in the digital transformation is secured.

DASCLab Architecture

Today ware looking for YOU tinitiate projects that foster the development othe collaboration platform according the present and future needs of the aeronautics and space community!

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